About C3 Capital

Partnering to co-create inclusive wealth and prosperity in Africa


Who we are is best described in what we are called to do

As a team, we are privileged to call Africa home – ‘a continent that is endowed with such abundance and hence poised to drive the next wave of global economic growth’. We are called to steward financial resources, restore people’s true identity and transform culture in a way that will catalyse cycles of business and economic flourishing so that all may prosper.

This calling comes from the realisation that Africa is one of the wealthiest continents in the world, but the scourge of greed, pride and self-centredness continues to plunder the prosperity, wealth and inheritance of the majority of people in Africa and across many other nations in the world. If left unchecked, Africa and every other nation in the world will never fully achieve their full economic potential and in fact spiral into steep decline and decay.

Our contribution in fighting this destructive cycle of greed, pride and self-centredness, and building a redemptive cycle of inclusive prosperity and wealth creation is through our ‘Open Book Investment Eco-System’ framework that will:

Deliver superior returns to all our stakeholders

Ensure complete transparency and openness in the value chain from investor funds raised to the profits and returns made in investee businesses, and the margins and value created for all stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers, partners, government, etc.)

Allow us and our stakeholders to actively contribute towards uplifting the helpless in society (the poor, widows, orphans) and the removal of systemic human suffering

Underpin everything we do at a transactional level to the 12 relational character pillars of:

1. Transparency
3. Humility
5. Honesty
7. Respect
9. Service
11. Accountability

2. Openness
4. Vulnerability
6. Integrity
8. Dignity
10. Excellence
12. Love


The fight to destroy the destructive vices of greed, pride and self-centredness, combined with the effort required to build an enabling environment to achieve inclusive wealth and prosperity for Africa and the world is a task that requires us all to commit to. This is the only way we will see a perpetual and sustainable cycle of multiplication, fruitfulness and fullness being established that will deliver exponentially higher financial returns and positive socio-economic impact for investors into Africa. Our core belief is that all should prosper as a result of our existence.