The art of crafting successful deals across ethnic and cultural diversity

The ability to navigate and put together deals and projects in Africa is a special and unique skill that unlocks value in exponential ways.

Africa is a continent with over 3 000 ethnic groups and 2 100 languages, each bringing a different nuance to the table in any business transaction.

Our deep understanding of the African landscape allows us to turn this complexity into a source for competitive advantage for our clients. Harnessing the rich diversity in people, culture and heritage to successfully craft and construct deals and deliver projects, which will deliver long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders, is a critical success factor to profitability and investor returns.


A lot of businesses looking to do cross-cultural deals make the grave mistake of entering into deals purely on transactional-based facts and completely ignore or are ill-equipped to deal with the people and cultural aspects. Our job is to remove this risk.

Our experience and extensive network in Africa and partners in Asia, Europe and the USA allows us to serve as a bridge to markets and opportunities across the continents. To underpin this relational aspect, we also provide:

  • Transactional services
  • Capital raising
  • Merger and acquisition integration
  • Deal origination and negotiation
  • Deal facilitation
  • Strategic equity partnership alignment and integration