Our strategic partners

We’ve partnered with industry experts to co-create investment opportunities that will produce transformational socio-economic impact and market-leading financial returns.


The Multiply Group

The Multiply Group is a private investment company that provides longer term strategic capital to business owners through a partnership focused approach. Their managed co-investment structures target a variety of high growth industry sectors where superior returns are achieved by leveraging the partners trusted networks and experience. Multiply is led by a team of highly experienced investment and management professionals with a history of investing across a multitude of industries and countries. The Group attracts proprietary investment opportunities and provides longer term strategic capital to business owners through their partnership focused approach. Multiply Group have a diversified portfolio of alternative assets through thematic focused platforms, primarily in emerging markets across Africa that have both local and global growth potential.

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Kilimanjaro Corporate Advisory

Kilimanjaro is a corporate advisory firm that focuses on developing early stage catalytic projects that drive economic growth and social impact. A sector agnostic approach which is kept honest by ensuring congruency to social impact goals. They constantly survey societal problems and structural barriers to inclusive economic growth and improving delivery of basic human needs. The team crafts broad ranging strategies which enables the highest social impact balanced with suitable economic returns. Always looking for creative solutions to gain access to finance for development, they challenge the norm by flexing the viewpoint of the instituted factors that prevent the financing of catalytic projects.

The conceptual strategies developed are prioritised, and the projects are then actioned by forming partnerships with industry leaders through their local and international networks. They have solid base of a corporate finance skills supported by a business development edge. They have developed the systems and operational efficiencies to execute required deliverables to develop projects for a wide spectrum of industries.