Partnering to deliver superior returns, through accelerated business growth

We invest financial capital in small to mid-sized businesses ($3 million to $25 million turnover) where we can use our unique business growth acceleration blueprint and strategic execution expertise to generate accelerated growth in the business and deliver superior returns for investors, and at the same time unlock wealth-creating opportunities for management and staff.

Our investment philosophy is based on the following core principles being achieved:

  • Superior returns for investors
  • Purpose-driven value creation and profit growth
  • Unlock employee wealth-creation options
  • Open channels to increase inclusive economic participation
  • Implement solutions and structures that positively contribute to reducing economic inequality
  • Prioritise the holistic well-being of people
  • Actively assist the poor and helpless in society

Our target industries are:



Clean Energy




Digital Economy

Infrastructure Development

The unique value we bring
to investors:

  • Superior financial returns
  • Strategic access to African businesses and markets
  • Socio-economic impact

We provide an opportunity to ‘prosper with purpose’:

  • Inclusive wealth creation
  • Making a difference to the lives of the poor
  • Correcting economic injustices
  • A lifelong partner to bring societal transformation
  • A platform to build true generational inheritance and legacy

The unique value we bring to investee businesses:

  • ‘DNA aligned’ financial capital
  • An open-book-based blueprint for accelerated growth and purpose-driven profit
  • Strategic execution expertise
  • Access to African and global markets
  • Disruption and innovation (challenging the status quo)
  • Lots of fun, as we live life together as partners